You have the most wonderfully challenging, rewarding job in the world – raising your child. At Imagine Schools, we believe that parents and guardians have the primary responsibility for their child’s education. Imagine Schools’ professionals are committed to helping and partnering with you to fulfill that responsibility. We seek to serve you and your family by starting and operating quality public charter schools. Public charter schools are open to all children and are tuition-free.

Imagine Schools provides families with a high-quality Educational Program and moral development in a safe, nurturing learning environment. We set high expectations for our students, our staff, and our leaders. We grade ourselves in Six Measures of Excellence that we believe mark a successful school. We hold ourselves accountable in the same way that we hold our students accountable.

We know that the involvement of family members always enhances a child’s educational experience. Therefore, we ask all parents and guardians to participate in the life of the school and to actively help their children become successful students.
mother with child

Visit one of our Arizona Imagine Schools today. We think you’ll agree that our schools are exceptional places for children to learn and grow to their full potential.